Sunday, September 9, 2012

black thumb

Park residence, where plants come to die.  For real.  I cannot keep any plant alive.  I love how they look in the house, and I keep telling myself that I will take extra care of it, but without fail, it dies.  Johnny just laughs when I get a plant because he knows in a week or two it'll sit on a counter somewhere all brown and withered.

A few weeks ago, my green-thumbed-mom gave me a little plant as a house warming gift, and of course, it died.  No. Correction. I killed it. I was complaining to my mom that all my plants die and she asked me, "Well, do you water it?" Hmmm. Oops.  I always forget to water it, then overcompensate by drowning it.  I need some major gardening lessons. I'll just have to embrace my black thumb until then.

Oh, my poor dead plant. But I feel better when the BFF encourages me by saying, "You haven't killed John."... yet. Ha!


  1. hahah.... awww :( i am the same way, I keep buying little plants even though they end up dying. Although I got better once I gave up on growing flowers and stuck to leaves. I think it's starting to become a 50% death rate instead of 99% at our place now haha

    oooo, and yeah I was thinking about you guys yesterday bc John mentioned watching breaking bad with taylor and danny! I'll tell taylor to email! :) hopefully we can see your mansion soon!

  2. start by putting plants in containers with drainage! cups can be cute as planters but the trapped moisture can rot. daiso has cute planters

  3. i ALSO have a black thumb... but so does my mom! :-/ haha! i can totally relate!

  4. This is why we are friends - I kill plants too! Even succulents, which aren't those supposed to be easy to maintain? yep. oh well. maybe one day we will be like Ruby and grow our own vegetation and things of that sort! :)