Friday, September 21, 2012

jammin' to boyz II men

Yesterday was a busy day! We had our Back to School night from 5:30 to 6:30 and I was so worried we wouldn't get to La County Fair in time for the 7:30 show. Google maps showed that it would take us 56 minutes from the South Bay to get to Pomona, so I knew we had to haul ass! John drove like a maniac and we got to the fair grounds at around 8:00, just in time to run into the baby sister in line, buy a ginormous hot dog, and see Babyface perform.

 The Turin family was there with us and we were all jammin' together like it was 1990! We missed EnVogue, but saw Babyface, who has aged BIG TIME but still is an amazing performer. Then, finally, after a prolonged intermission, Boyz II Men came out in their adorable matching outfits. We sang along to all their songs and we were so disappointed that they were only on stage for 40 minutes!

 John and I had fun but we were soooo tired we could not wait to get home. I woke up this morning with a splitting heading, throbbing ears and had to call in sick today. I'm sure it was just too much excitement for one day, but I'm convinced that it's because I didn't get to buy a churro after the show. I WANTED A FLIPPIN' CHURRO!
photo 3

I still can't find my camera, so I couldn't take any pictures. The Turin family was nice enough to take one for me. Ha. This is the only one we got. Hopefully we'll be at the fair again next year to hear Babyface & Boyz II Men again!

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