Sunday, September 30, 2012

wow. just wow.

I have a crazy class this year.  Or maybe this is normal, and I was just super spoiled with the most amazing class last year.  Last year, on average, I'd send a note home to a parent maybe every other week.  This year, on average, three or four a day.  It's just going to be one of those years.

Last week my little "friend", as I call them, decided to leave the room and play in the bathroom - full on beauty parlor or something because when I caught her, she had the foam soap all up in her hair.  I sent a note home. It didn't come back. Sent another.  It didn't come back.  Sent a third one and she must have been really sick of detention because she figured out that I was not going to forget about it.  She brought this to me on Tuesday morning. 


Yes.  I know my signature is awful. I was in a hurry with 24 kids! Geez.  And Yes. It's signed "mommy". You can't tell, but it's written in pencil.  This is how our convo went.

Me:  Who signed this?
Student: Mommy
Me:  Mommy signed this?
Student: Yes.
Me:  What is your mommy's name?
Student: Mommy
Me:  Her name is mommy and she signed this?
Student: Yes.
Me: Okay, let's call mommy and see if she remembers signing this. If I call her now, she'll tell me that she saw this note and she signed it?
Student: Yes.
Me:  WHAT?! Do you think I was born yesterday?! YOU CLEARLY SIGNED IT! Just admit it or you will be in detention 'til you go to middle school!

Just kidding about the last line.  I did call mom and of course mom had no idea what note I was talking about. 

It's just going to be one of those years...


Her apology note to me. Sigh.  In the end, she cried, said sorry, and got a big hug from me.  She was fine 3 seconds later. First graders are dang resilient. 


  1. Such wonderful "friends" you have. It's gonna be a great year!

  2. i read this and teared up a little from laughter