Thursday, September 27, 2012

happy birthday, senna!

Senna turned one last weekend! And for this joyous occasion, my dear friend Ellen, who is the least craftiest person you'll ever meet, put together the most amazing "dohl" (first birthday party).

See below for video of that amazing day, done by the most amazing videographer, Abe! He's the one who created the maids of honor speech for my sister's wedding, shot his first wedding video for my dear co-worker, and made the best parody of The Office.  I am Abe's biggest fan and he available for any special occasion, just holler at me and I'll get you in contact with him!  :) 


  1. that's right. the least craftiest but pulled it through! woohoo...

    but needed everyone's help of course. lol

    btw sis wants to hire Abe for something!!

  2. and srsly. BEST GIFT EVER.. <3 <3

  3. this is SO CUTE. senna is SO CUTE. this made my day :)