Sunday, October 14, 2012

room 13 - project runway room

How is the weekend already over?!  It just flew by! ... yet again.

Friday was a very very very rough day with 3 kids sent back to Kindergarten for cutting up their own clothes and shoe laces, 2 in the office to see the principal, and 2 pee pee accidents.  My goodness, it was not a good day for us in first grade.  I was so angry at the end of the day but I did get a good laugh, thanks to one of the Kinder teachers.  She came into my room to yell at her old students.  She scared them straight by yelling, "This is not project runway!  You do not cut up your own clothes. Do not embarrass me like this!"  I had to turn away so the kids wouldn't see me laughing!

So tomorrow, I go back to the craziness that is teaching. Even with the craziness, I love my job. I mean, c'mon, what other job is there where you are greeted with a smile and hug every morning?! I'm extra lucky this year; I have a student that brings me flowers EVERY morning. I don't even have the space in my classroom vases anymore! The good crazy totally out weighs the bad crazy!

An added bonus, my student teacher starts tomorrow. Extra pair of eyes and ears!

I'm praying for a good crazy week! :)


  1. omg, cutting up their clothes in 1st grade? at least it's not hair, lol..can't wait to go back to the craziness, NOT!! hope you have a better week!! and thanks for dropping by :) see you at the weddingggg

  2. reading posts like this makes me miss being in the classroom! :) hopefully you have a good crazy week!

  3. OHMY that sounds intense but you're a great teacher so you can hang :) A student bringing flowers everyday is priceless! Key brings me flowers (weeds, plant leaves, etc) every chance she gets, so I guess that counts :)