Monday, February 18, 2013

family game night

With the busy-ness of life, the blog has taken a bit of a hiatus.  What have I been up to? So much I can't even remember!  One thing I do remember, however... our first family game night!  A friendly (read super competitive) game of Cranium.


Guess who won?! The Parks! We won a trophy and bragging rights. We were SO excited, jumping up and down, you'd think we won the Olympics.

We are ultimate nerds and had so much fun. We sisters plan to make this a monthly ordeal; gives us a chance to hang out and be awesome at winning.

Anyone else do game nights?! Or is this ultimate dorky stuff only for nerds like us?


  1. please invite us to the next one. we were so bummed last time!

  2. awwww, is that the same trophy that's on top of your book tree? so cute!