Thursday, January 24, 2013

rainy day schedule

I am not a fan of rain.  Big time whiny baby about it.


Teaching on rainy days are insane but there are some perks to a crazy day!  1. Cute first graders in sweet rain boots! 2. Cozy reading time with shoes OFF!

Stay warm and dry, folks.


  1. i also hate rainy day schedule. but the kids LOVE it. ;) cute rain boots!!!

  2. Living in the Pacific Northwest, rain is definitely a part of my everyday life. But that doesn't mean I don't have a love/hate relationship with rainy days! I love the clean smell after a good rain and the green trees but hate the puddles, hood-hair, and wet jeans. And I can definitely imagine the crazy coats and squeaky wet shoes that happen on those rainy school days.

    But I hope to someday have a cute classroom like yours! The beanbag chairs and rug are so cute. And I love the idea of a shoes-off reading time. Definitely cozy!

    And those rainboots are way cute! I kind of wish I had those yellow monkey ones. :)

  3. Can I ask you where your rug is from?? I have a really ugly one and want to switch it out! I've looked on lakeshore, overstock, etc. etc. but haven't found one I like. :)

    1. Hi Meghan,

      In my district, each class comes with a rug! I was lucky enough to see a beat up one in storage, so I have 2 rugs! Hoarder, much?! :)

      I know Lakeshore has some cute ones but they are so expensive! If you live in so cal, you can check out the Lakeshore warehouse in Carson. They have pretty good deals!

      Also, you can check I have also used place mats, or small mats for individual spots (for the wiggly ones).

      Good luck finding one!!!!!