Sunday, March 13, 2011

date night

My awesome person and I try to do weekly date nights. Nothing crazy, usually just a simple dinner out and a movie. This Thursday was a little different! On Monday, Johnny says "Be ready for this week's date night. It's a surprise."

I hate surprises and John is horrible at keeping them! I had 4 days to figure out what the heck he was planning! I analyzed EVERYTHING he said, and I even tried asking sly questions, but he wouldn't break! I'm horrible at just letting him surprise and romance me!

I came home from work to see a simple note written on our chalkboard. Cute, but it wasn't a clue! DANG IT!

I was almost 100% sure we were going to go ice skating, but as we were leaving the house, I saw my skating bag on our bedroom floor. Super confused... He then drove us out to Culver City. The whole ride there I was thinking, "Where the heck are we going?! Why would he drive me ALL the way to Culver City when there are 3 other skating rinks much closer to where we live. I guess I was wrong." SO CONFUSED!

The first stop was a yummers Italian restaurant. I heart pasta! John, on the other hand, doesn't care for it. Being the awesome husband he is, he found this tiny Italian place and the food was seriously so good! John said that it was the best pasta he has ever had in his life. Clearly he hasn't been to Italy!

During dinner he kept saying "The show starts at 8." I thought, "maybe we're going to see Wicked!" but that doesn't make any sense since we are all the way in Culver City! We finished off dinner with a blueberry creme brulee and off we went. John asked me to closed my eyes, and in about 5 minutes we arrived at location 2 and he parked the car. I open my eyes to see a brick wall. Boring!!!!! I turn around to see a man carrying hockey skates!

John was sneaky sneaky! He knew I'd be super nosey so he took my skates out of my skating bag, and hid them in the trunk with my jacket and a pair of socks!

I love date nights! I love my husband!


  1. I like his love-suprice! Hope there are more to come. Dutch greetings with heart&soul,Sil.

  2. so cute, he did it!! sooo adorable...!!