Wednesday, June 8, 2011

all you need is love

This past weekend, I got to celebrate Dennis & Alison's love! :) My co-worker (a fellow first grade teacher) got married a few months ago out of state and decided to have a reception with her CA friends and family. Alison found this amazing car museum in El Segundo. It's free to the public and has the coolest collection of cars!

LOVE the sign. I wanted to take it home.

John and I have been obsessed with Mad Men. I know, we're a little behind, but we don't have cable so we've been renting the DVD's from Blockbuster. We totally LOVE it. The cool clothes, furniture, the cars, and mostly DON DRAPER! I saw this car and texted John a picture of it. It totally looks like a Don Draper car!

So bad a**.

While I was waiting for my date to arrive, I walked around the museum, ohh-ing and ahh-ing at the old cars. The docent shared a gazillion facts about the cars and he even let me sit in one!

This car is from the 1920 prohibition era. So cool! I wanted to drive it off the lot.

Meet my date for the night, Katie. Another fellow first grade teacher.


My only picture with the bride. *sigh*

Picnik collage

First grade teachers + photo booth = too much fun.

All you need is love... <3


  1. can i borrow those shoes?!! and i want that sign too! omg! too cute!!

  2. omg john let you wear that dress out of the house??! and those shoes are super high