Friday, June 10, 2011

bridal showerin' in the classroom

In the last 6 years of teaching, I've taught at 4 different schools. Straight up crazzzzy. The upside of that is that I get to meet amazing teachers and they become amazing friends. This week, I went back to the first school I worked at, Kit Carson Elementary, to celebrate Ms. Chai.

You won't believe that this shower was held in a classroom. You can spy some classroom things and it totally added to the cuteness of the shower.



Mason jars from my wedding. I love that my wedding things are being used again in the celebration of another couple's love. Alison used some of my wedding things too! It's so fun to see how each bride puts their own special twist on it. Its the same item but it looks so different (i.e., comparing my wedding and my sisters). But I'll save that for another entry.

Back to Esther!
gum basket

High on love? or high on sugar?

trine n esther

me and es

carson cubs
Carson cubs! Amazing teachers. Amazing friends.

Ms Chai- It's time to air dry, now! :)

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