Monday, June 13, 2011

mountain time!

Growing up, everyone called John, "Mountain Boy." His family lived in the mountains and he kind of looks like Smokey the Bear, no? Well, when he had hair, he sure did!

For years I've passed by the Smokey the Bear sign and never got to stop to take a picture of it. When we took our engagement pictures in the mountains, I wanted one with the Bear, but I totally forgot! This past weekend, we headed up the mountain to visit his parents, and I finally got a picture of it!


It's nice to go up there once in a while, get away from all the noise and enjoy the fresh air and nature. It's nice to visit, but I know how hard it is to live up there. John moved back up there while we were dating and I remember him going crazy! No cell phone reception, no internet access, no TV... rough stuff.

But it's so pretty up there! I have no idea what this thing is. It looks like a giant asparagus! I wish I stood next to it to show how tall it was.

Our favorite part about going up to see family? Hanging out with our niece EMMA! Ah! I just wanna eat her up!


She knows so many "tricks" and it's so fun to watch her do all these cute things my bro-in-law and sis-in-law taught her. This is her showing a heart so her uncle John would release her from his trap!


We saw her again later that evening, after her hair cut. She has bangs! Gah! So cute!

Had a great time with the mountain family. It's great being Mrs. Mountain Boy!


  1. KYAHHHH!!!! The last picture is so cute!!!!

  2. That is seriously an awesomeeeee sign!!!! Love it.

    Your niece is adorable :)