Tuesday, August 9, 2011

serving the city - compton

On the last Saturday of July, John and I joined hundreds of others in Compton to beautify the city. John and I were only expecting to see 20 people or so from Pacific Crossroads Church, but was pleasantly surprised to see boat loads of people!

We all gathered at Compton high school to sign in, hear instructions, and even enjoy a light breakfast! People were directed to different areas of the city and the "Serve the City" group stayed behind to help paint Compton high school.



We got our matching shoes ready to work!
Can you tell that they ran out of XS shirts?




The men at work! There were so many volunteers, there was not much for me to paint. I did about 3 coats of "detail work" on the side leading up to the steps. I was totally slackin' while the hubz was sweating up a storm!

These projects are held every 3 months or so by The Compton Initiative organization. It is a great organization that brings people together to serve Compton. While we were there just chatting with some folks, we met a man whose house was painted by a group of volunteers a few months prior, and wanted to return the favor so he helped paint Compton high school with us on Saturday.

A great way to spend a Saturday! Come join us next time!


  1. i served at the la food bank on that same saturday, and there were a big group from pcc. i just might need to visit pcc, to see what amazing things GOD is doing there.

  2. wow this is awesome....my husbands family is from compton originally, and i would love to get involved!