Monday, August 22, 2011

quick sister time

It was a pretty busy weekend for us as there was a baby shower and a wedding we had to attend. When things are busy and kind of crazy, its nice just to stop and chill somewhere peaceful for a little while.

After church, John and I made an impromptu stop to visit my grams. We decided to text my sisters to come join us. And about 30 minutes later, we were chilling on the grass, enjoying the view, getting some sun, and laughing our heads off about nothing.


Sister time = good times, per usual. John says that when the "Kim sisters" get together, he gets the biggest headache because we're so loud, jumping from subject to subject, and laughing about everything... he says that but he's always laughing right along with us! He's been hanging out with us for over 10 years; he should be used to it by now!

Side note: Do you recognize the colorful dress I'm wearing?! :) Pictures from the shower and wedding to come later.


  1. Just give me about another 20 years and I'm sure I'll be able to tune everything out like your dad.

  2. awww! haha! It looks and sounds like a blast! :) p.s. love the dress :)

  3. <3 it's so true... I miss my sister pretty often!

    sisters are the best!

  4. you don't look like a rainbow! it looks cute on you! you need to wear more color.

  5. sister time is always the best! i don't have any sisters but i grew up with my cousins who are practically my sisters too and everytime we get together we are loud too! i look forward for our reunion this holiday season :)