Tuesday, August 23, 2011

waitin' for baby peanut

Ellen and Vitaly are expecting their first child in September and we all can't wait to meet lil peanut (they haven't decided on a name yet)! Not too long ago we had a gender reveal party and just this past weekend I helped put together a baby shower for the parents-to-be. I am not very organized, nor am I good at party planning, so I just volunteered to put together just some of the decorations. It made my house messier than usual and it was like a death trap with tape, hot glue gun materials, dye, string, and paper all sprawled out in the living room. But man, I was having some major fun!

I didn't get very many pictures with my point and shoot but I managed to take a few pictures.

First things first. I was pulled into the new nursery because Ellen wanted to show me that she had saved a gift that I had made her for her 16th birthday. That was only 5 years ago, because... we're only 21! (Yeah, right.) Let's just say, that was many moons ago and she saved it until now! Her family moved away to Virginia when we were in high school so I mailed it to her and she kept it the entire time. I am shocked it now sits in baby peanut's room.


I thought it was only appropriate that we did a "peanut" themed party for lil peanut! The only problem was everything I was thinking up was too brown. I know the Turins like color, so I had to add something other than brown. Thank goodness for pinterest! With some research I came across an amazing doily garland so I started dying the doilies with food coloring. They came out so bright and festive I thought I'd make some fun pom pom balls too.

Picnik collage

I made these toothpick flags days before dying the doilies but was pleasantly surprised when all the colors matched! I guess I didn't really "make" anything for this. I just wrapped Japanese washi tape around a toothpick. Easy smeasy, lemon squeezy, as my kiddos would say.


I created simple cards for guests to write notes to the parents-to-be along with an instruction card. As I was uploading the pictures, I realized there was a typo on the instruction card. Ah! So embarrassing. I read it several times before I printed it, and so did John (my editor for all things)... we both missed it. Ugh.*face palm*


Now for some peanut fun!

I bought these cute peanut baggies on etsy as soon as the first baby shower email went out. So cute! I had to have them! For the peanuts, my mom was randomly telling me that some guy comes by my parents store in downtown LA selling peanuts. So perfect! My dad got me a bag and I just plopped the bag right in the vintage crate (borrowed from Rubes) alongside the cute bags. Killing 2 birds with one stone; cute decor and an easy party favor.


Using this no bake recipe I made some peanuty favors. They came out looking way messy but they were quite tastey. If you like peanut butter, you have to try making them! Drooool....

Bagged and beautified by the cakies lady. Her penmanship > my chicken scratch. For sure.
Picnik collage

Now for some proper photos. Ellen's friend, Alex Lui took these pictures.



(Ugh. I'm haunted by the typo.)


The gorgeous momma-to-be.

And just for kicks, I'll leave you all with a picture of Ellen and me circa 1996.


Ellen - You like the picture?! You're welcome. HAHA! We look like babies!


  1. why aren't you sleeping??! and omg i remember you making that pillow cushion thing!!!!! you guys liked winnie the pooh when you were 16??

  2. Oh my word! That is the cutest shower! I love the peanut theme :)

  3. Wait. Why do you have a ring on your finger in the last picture? Is there anything you want to tell me?

  4. OMG That photo...!! it was taken when we you came to visit me in DC!!! so crazy!!!

    and yes Jenny, that thing is STILL with me, it's little dirty but let's not flip the pillow now.. lol

    <3 thanks for an awesome shower chingoo- loved and enjoyed every minute of it....


  5. you made me soooo proud!!!! good job with all the decor!! it was perfect for peanut!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful decorations! Ellen will not part with that pillow to save her life, and yes I have tried...

  7. LOL LOL LOL to John. Major husband points for commenting on your blog. ;)

    This is so cute!!!!!! Love all the details and decor you did Lin! Ellen is such a cute pregnant lady, so excited for them!

  8. This is the cutest idea for a baby shower! So creative :)


  9. really cute, linda! i love the typo. hahaa!!!! such cute ideas. i have to hit you up for some ideas later.

  10. Hey this baby peanut theme is cute and you performed a good decoration.Pooh Baby Shower

  11. I am doing this "peanut" theme for my baby shower as well. What types of FOOD did you serve? We are trying to find foods inspired by peanuts but 95% are desserts.