Sunday, August 7, 2011

veggies from momma's garden

My momma has a ton of crazy stuff growing in her garden. I wish I had a green thumb like her; too bad I killed every plant I've ever brought home. Every time I go over to the parentals' house, she wants to give me a tour of her backyard. I honestly don't like going out there. I just like enjoying the fruits and veggies she brings in! Ha! Lazy. I. Am. My lil sis does a much better job of going in the backyard to document and pick the fruit and vegetables. Check it out here.

The other day my momma gave me a baggie of goodies. Some things in there: jalapenos, Bird's eye chilis, and eggplant. What shall I cook with these guys?


Suggestions? Anyone know any good recipes?


  1. love grilled eggplant! oh wait. i have your grill! ;)

  2. i'm going to try making moussaka. google it.

  3. eggplant spread! V makes it and it's gooood- I don't know if this is the recipe he uses but it looks similar to the ingredients he uses..