Sunday, September 18, 2011

happy birthday to my momma

My mom tracks her birthday by the lunar calendar so her actual date of birth changes yearly on the calendar we use now. Confusing, I know. Every year I have to ask my older sister when it is. This year it fell on September 17th. To celebrate, we went out for some duck! Yummerz!





My mom's birthday is always the day after Choseuk, a huge holiday in Korea that celebrates a great harvest. It's like our version of Thanksgiving. So to celebrate we not only had cake, we had some traditional Korean rice cake things called dduk. This was a super fancy box. I've only seen dduk like this in Korea!


My older sister's birthday is at the end of this month but she'll be celebarting with her hubz in New York so we combined their birthday song and celebrated both of them!

Wow. They look like twinsies!

Happy birthday to my amazingly young lookin' momma!


  1. Happy Birthday to your momma (and big sis!). You and your sister look SO MUCH ALIKE! (Do you get that all the time?). How fun - duck always equals fancy dinner! ;)

  2. that is such a neat tradition regarding when your mom celebrates her birthday!
    It must have been great to spend the time with your sisters & mom.
    Those deserts look delicious!

    And I've never seen rice - look that pretty before!