Tuesday, February 28, 2012

one year later

I've been meaning to write this post for several days now, but it's very hard to write about my grandma without shedding tears. I miss her mucho mucho and as I look at pictures of her, it make me miss her even more!

It has been a year since my grandma went home to be with the Lord.

February 23, 2009 - She was rushed to the emergency room. That was probably the longest day of my life. That would be the first of many trips to the ER and thankfully I lived and worked close enough that I made sure I was there anytime of day. I'd leave work during my lunch hour and drive to check up on her, then go back after school until they kicked me out of her room at night.

For 2 years, I worried about my grandma on a daily basis. Every time the phone rang I'd get anxious thinking it'd be a nurse calling about her. I had to make sure every nurse knew me or someone in my family so they'd know that we don't mess around when it comes to grams!

I once caught a nurse feeding my grandma ALL the things on her tray mixed together to speed up the feeding process. Oh hellz no. I was there every night at dinner time to make sure that didn't happen again. NO MESSIN' AROUND WHEN IT COMES TO GRAMS!

February 23, the day she was rushed to the ER, changed our family's life. From surgeries to ICU visits to moving her into a nursing home to what seemed like a gazillion more ER visits. Exactly 2 years later, the Lord took her home.

Now a year later, I can't even think of the words to express how much I miss her. But thankfully, I can see glimpses of her in my mom!


It's really crazy how much my mom is looking like my grandma these days... It's even crazier how much I'm starting to look like both of them!



February 23, 2012 - My mom rounded up the aunts and uncles and we spent a beautiful afternoon remembering grandma. My mom led us in a hymn and Bible reading. That was, of course, after our photo session.



Here's the Omega watch my grandmother bequeathed to me along with a ring bequeathed to my lil sis. If my house were to ever burn down, that watch and my grandma's hand-written Bible would be the first things I'd grab. Yes... hand-written Bible.

I can't wait to see her again in the new heavens and the new earth!


  1. hand-written Bible? your grandma is freakin awesome!!!!! :)

    this post makes me miss your grandma, too... is that weird? she seemed like a pretty awesome lady! :)

  2. You made me cry! Thank you for sharing. I love how you say "we don't mess around when it comes to grams!" That's exactly how it is with our family, like we're mobsters checkin up on everyone! Not sure they like us very much :)

    OK, I NEED to see grandma's hand-written Bible?! What!

  3. hi linda. my grandma passed away a week ago. I'm glad i know someone who loved their halmuhni so much! Yeah, the handwritten bible is awesome! She was hard core!