Tuesday, March 6, 2012

party time!

My, not-so-little, little sister celebrated her 26th birthday on February 25th! It's not really an important number, like 1st birthday, sweet 16, or old-fart 30, but I know how crazy she is about birthdays, so I decided to throw her a lil shindig to celebrate! Plus, I'll use any excuse to bust out all the party stuff!

She is OBSESSED with coconuts these days so we decided on a Hawaiian themed partay!


Of course we had to have the party in my parents backyard, AKA Momma Kim's garden. It's just a happy place to be. Over the years, it has been bridal shower/party central. See here, here, and here for a recap of some of the showers.



The makeshift photo booth. More like a photo "center", but whatever.




No coconut bra and grass skirt for me! The most "Hawaiian" thing I had in my closet was my Matsumoto shirt from the best shave ice place on the North Shore! Does that count as Hawaiian?!


DSC_4416 - Version 2

My mom's Korean version of Spam Musabi!

The coconut master! Who needs a hammer when you have...

a super strong, buff, muscular husband!!!! Yup! Cracking one open with his bare hands! :) Or in Johnny's case, his bear hands! Har. Har.

Side note, Smokey the Bear would not approve of the way my mother was trying to get this fire started. It's a miracle she didn't set the entire house on fire!


Even baby Senna came to partay! She was a lil overwhelmed with all the noise and people, but who can blame her?! Most adults are overwhelmed with all the noise and people when they are at my parents house. We Kim/Park/Carriers are stinkin' loud!

Good times. Happy (belated) birthday, JemJemmy!


  1. Puns are great. And so are you!

  2. what a fun time with the Kim's!! I'm going to bring her every weekend and definitely she won't be scared of people after that!

    Happy Birtfday Jennnnnnyyyy... I still think you are 13. <3