Sunday, July 22, 2012

korea - day 2

Day 2 started pretty much like day 1 - woke up early and just sat around for a while. Then it was time for us to wander Korea together! 


Jenny was nervous about riding the subway with me because she didn't trust my skillz. HA!  The subway system in Korea is uh-mazing and so easy to navigate.  So we made sure we were on the right platform and passed time waiting for the subway by messing with our hair.


Our first stop - Itaewon! My friend Minki and I have been friends since the 8th grade.  He has always been back and forth from Korea to America, but a few years ago he moved to Korea permanently. I moved back to America as he was moving to Korea so this was my first time at his house. I was oohing and ahhing over everything!  His house is, seriously, amazing!  The first floor used to be his restaurant but now is being rented out. He lives on the top floor and it is a total man cave!



We got wild and crazy, then faced time with our fellow dbcof friends in America. Totally kidding about the wild and crazy part.

A quick snack, then off to Passion 5 to meet his gf!


No pictures are allowed in this crazy bakery, but I was able to take one!  This obviously doesn't do this place justice but you can see more here and here.


Cute, no?! They even having matching "couple tees"!

After chatting and eating, they dropped us off at Dongdaemoon where Jenny and I wandered the 5 floors of clothes, shoes and accessories. Insanely crazy, insanely busy, and very Korean. This is what I love about Korea! Think American malls during the holiday season, times 50. But what's even more amazing is that these malls are 24 hours and always crowded! It's like Koreans never sleep!!!!




Another thing I love about Korea - while you are walking on a busy street with tons of people and cars, you look forward and see bits of ancient Korea and look to your left and you see the beautiful Han River. That building in the middle of the street is probably a gazillion years old!  How amazing is that!

Day 2 weather:  Sprinkling in the morning.  Cleared up by the afternoon.  Hot and sticky... as usual.  The humidity and my skin are battling and my skin is losing big time.

Day 2 high:  Meeting my dear friend's girlfriend.  She's the sweetest person ever.

Day 2 low: Not being able to find the subway entrance in Dondaemoon and having 3 different people not help us at all!  Thankfully the 4th person I asked was nice enough to point us in the right direction. Geez. Koreans.

Back soon with Day 3!

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  1. public transportation, couple tees, cute bakeries, endless shopping... you make me want to go to korea so bad!!!

    ps he has beer on tap in his house? how cool is that!