Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

Our school has been enduring a year of noisy, dusty, inconveniencing construction. The new building was set to open in August for the upper graders and guess what?! That never happened. There is still no set move in date.  It was August, then September, then October, and now... everyone just waits.  The upper grade teachers have been so patient and amazing. I would NOT be a happy camper if I had to teach with stacked boxes all over my room!

With that said, you'll understand why all teachers decided to dress up like construction workers!  Cheapest costume ever!

We had a photo sesh in my class before the morning bell rang.  Here are few photos with the most amazing 2 coworkers (they totally keep me sane), and my hilarious student teacher.

Fan(stache)tic four!
We mean business!
Sexiest construction workers ever, no?
I love LOVE love working with these people!!!!!

Be safe everyone!  John and I will be doing what we do every Halloween - turn off all the lights and hide from the trick-or-treaters! Puhahah!  Happy Halloween!


  1. I have to agree that you have the best co-workers ever... but mainly the one whose classroom is right across the little grass path from you. Haha.
    PS- It took until 3:15 pm for me to realize that my 'stache was upside down. What a dork I am!

  2. HAHA Your stache is great! Love how you're holding the hammer in that last photo! Who holds a hammer like that??? LOL