Monday, October 29, 2012


My phone is pretty janktastic so I don't have instagram but I'm stealing a few from my lil sister.  She's the instagram queen.

Here are a few pictures taken at our friends' Lori & Dan's wedding on Saturday.



Johnny and I weren't trying to match but I guess we kind of do.  Eh. Matching or not, I think my hubz looks extra adorable in his suit and bow tie. What a hottie!  I was getting all sentimental too because we got married at the same spot two and a half years ago. I was remembering how happy I was that day walking down the aisle looking straight at him. I tried to hold his hand and have a moment but he was too busy fanning himself with the program. All romantical by myself. Great.

My fave pic has got to be the top right one. Classic John.  Photobombing in the back like a creeper. Do you spy him?!

Thanks for all the pictures, JemJemmy!


  1. Haha, that's an amazing photo bomb cuz I did NOT even notice it till you pointed it out. That first instagram is amazing!!

  2. inSTEALagram, haha love it, you are so clever ;) I saw jenny's pics over the weekend, looked lovely! you and john are so cute. at the end of your post i could totally picture you saying that in person and laughed out loud. let's do our quadruple date soon!