Friday, March 23, 2012

quality dbcof time

When my friends and I were in high school we named our group "dbcof". I know, ultimate dorky! It stands for Diamond Bar Circle of Friends. Diamond Bar, a small, obscure city with cows and a whole lotta Asians! But mostly famous for being the city where Snoop Dog raises his kids. Woo. Woo.

I've been friends with these nerds for years and years and I love them to death. The girls stood next to me on my wedding day as bridesmaids, and I wished the boys could have been my bro-maids. Over the years, with marriages (and one baby), the group has grown in size but nothing else has changed. Totally like family.

Last Saturday, we got together for some lunchin' and loungin'. Lunchin', as in, eating some deliciously boiled chicken from Savoy and loungin', as in, some people falling asleep on the living room floor! The best way to spend a lazy, rainy Saturday!

And I finally got to try Half and Half! My goodness! It was the biggest cup of boba I have ever had!




Even baby Senna wanted some!

I thought it was way yummy but would I wait in line for an hour to get it? Probably not. And since it has straight up cream in it, it's something that I probably shouldn't have that often. WWBD, right?!


  1. me heart DBCOF time... srsly, who's house is next!?! lol

  2. there was a group of girls in high school who dubbed themselves "hic" hotties in charge... (no, i wasn't in that group.) your group name reminded me of those group of girls from high school. high school memories are fun! :) and that drink looks YUMMMMMMY!!