Thursday, December 20, 2012

'tis the season to rock ugly sweaters


'Tis the season for us to rock our ugly Christmas sweaters! Good times, yet again, here in teacherland.

The thrift store sweaters weren't "ugly" enough so I borrowed an ugly sweater(vest) from my coworker. She did an amazing job picking out the weirdest looking thing ever. She was right when she said "you can't go wrong with frogs on a vest". My kids LOVED the frogs in Santa hats and they would not stop touching the patchwork or the fluff balls attached. I'm glad my kids liked it but it did get pretty awkward when a parent complimented the vest and asked where I got it. Yikes!

Tomorrow we are all rockin' our pj's and enjoying the last school day of 2012! Excited!

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