Monday, June 20, 2011

the day i almost broke my face

My first day of summer break started as usual. Woke up around 9 am - ish, lazily rolled out of bed an hour later, cooked brunch, then just chilled.

At around 2pm, I ran down the hallway and accidentally stepped on John's basketball short. Bad idea. I slipped head first and face planted straight onto our hardwood floor. I just remember hearing the loudest thud, and John yelling "OH MY GOD!" I stayed there on the floor for a while, too dizzy and stunned to stand up. By the time I (and John) calmed down, I made it over to the restroom. From there, it's all a blur. I just remember feeling dizzy, getting hot, feeling nauseous, and then everything went black. Concussion much?

Apparently I had passed out because I woke up in the hallway to hear John talking to the paramedics on the phone. I remember thinking "NO! DON'T CALL THE PARAMEDICS! IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE!" Ha! So Asian of me! I was feeling fine, minus a super sore cheek and major headache!

With the helpful advice from my lil sis, I hung out on the sofa with an ice pack until I could go to the Kaiser urgent care.


I had some xrays taken to make sure I didn't break any bones in my face. And the amazingly fun doctor printed the xrays as a reminder for John to pick up his clothes off the floor! I'm thinking of taping it down to the scene of the crime, right there on the floor in the hallway!

Praise God I didn't seriously hurt myself! And praise God John didn't die of a cardiac arrest. I was teasing him for freaking out, but I guess I would be freaked out if I saw him pass out and his eyes roll back in his head.

Lessons learned:
1. Do not race your husband in the house. It doesn't matter who gets to pee first.
2. Do not leave clothes on the floor.


  1. This made me laugh...thanks :) And I'm glad you're okay. What an eventful first day of vacation!

  2. ice yo face! and no physical activity till 24 hours after you are symptom-less...but i guess that'll be easy for you since you are a couch potato.

    i was really worried about John.

  3. I'm guessing you're okay... okay enough to be blogging LOL.

    I agree with Jenny. As I was reading it, I got worried about John instead of you. I can totally imagine him... going crazy :)

  4. lesson learned number #3
    if you came out with Ruby and Ellen in the morning you probably would have not fall on your face.

    he he he


  5. i am with ellen! it could have been avoided.

    i am glad you are okay though!!!

  6. That's crazy! Good that you're okay.

  7. you should never run in a place that's the size of a you have a big bruise on your face now?

  8. Wow. I need to just print out some sort of thing like that.. my husband leaves his everything including his shoes which I normally fly over!

    But I would be omg that's so expensive just because I am cheap!

    I'm glad your okay - that could have been really really bad!!

    And when I race my husband its normally up the stairs however I have fallen that way too!

  9. OMG. I am just catching up on my blog reading and LINDA! wow, I am so glad you are okay! that is a craaaazy story!