Friday, July 1, 2011

cake party time!

What do you get when you put together a bunch of bloggers and home-made cakes? A whole lotta fun, that's what! Rubyellen and Danni threw an uh-mazing cake party the other day. Totes le bomb. I got to meet amazingly talented people and yes, I was a lil starstruck!

My blog is a baby compared to these ladies'... scratch that - more like a fetus. Seriously, so talented!

This picture cracks me up. Bloggers doing what they do best! Recognize any of them?
From left to right. Myra (double-sidedtape) Danni (oh,hellofriend), Henny (utterlyengaged), Lilliane (unstitched), Lucy (utterlyengaged), Lauren (laurenelisecrafted), and the bff (mycakies).



Home-made playdo for the kids to play with. Made by the amazingly crazy creative Rubes.

Did you guys know that Ruby has an unhealthy obssession with kid chairs? I make fun of her for it all the time, but I can see why she collects them! For amazing cute parties like this!

Our party favors - sprinkles! Who doesn't love sprinkles?!

My buddy Trueski. I heart her.




This is the first time I've made a funfetti cake. I tried to make a light, fluffy Japanese style cheesecake, but it tasted horrible! Even John agreed, and he seriously eats anything. After that epic fail, I thought I'd bake something I know I can bake. I've baked it a gazillion times.

Using this super simple recipe here, I throw everything in one bowl and bake. Super easy, right? I don't know went wrong. It came out too mushy, eggy and even salty! UGH! So with 2 epic fails, I scrapped both cakes and baked this out of a box at Ruby's house. You'd think that adding water, eggs, and oil, would be easy enough ... but nope, I forgot to put the oil! Danni got a kick out of that. I improvised and in the end, it looked and tasted okay. I think the next party theme should be "Store Bought Cake Party".

My fave picture from the night. This lady's house is amazing with all kinds of vintage finds. Danni was just walking around the house grabbing stuff to put out to display out with the cakes. But, does this lady have a cake cutter?! NOPE! I guess a barbeque spatula gets the job done.


We each got to leave with our very own cake stand! Seriously, good company, delicious cake, and free stuff - totez amazeballz.

I seriously had an amazing time. I felt honored to be included with these fantastically creative ladies!


  1. awwwww such great pics!! So fun to see you finally! Now you just need to get an slr or something ;)

  2. Oh, yay!! So happy to see your post up already! :) LOVE your pics, Linda! Your point-and-shoot captured some great shots :) Yay, it was SUCH a fun time and so good to meet you!!

  3. Danni - Come over and play in my shoebox! :)

    Lillian - It was so nice meeting you. I don't like my point-and-shoot but it gets the job done so my husband doesn't think I need a new one! Thanks though. It's amazing what rounded corners can do to a photo! :) You should come play in my shoebox (aka my home) too! :)

  4. mmm yummy yummy yummy

  5. girl!! your pictures turned out great! what are you talking about "you're a newbie" if you're a newbie, i can't imagine what you'll be like when you're seasoned! lol! it was truly fun meeting you. can't wait to do it again!! adding you to my facebook now :)


  6. What a great party! I'm going over everybody's recap and it is very fun to see how different out similar they are. Your pictures are great and the camera is just a tool, you do have the eye so don't worry about having a point and shoot. Nice to meet you and your blog!